Monday, July 18, 2011

Pablo - bam

all these thoughts ar coming now to try to answer that question
and i am aware of these thoughts
so that is where i am stuck
i feel that there is an I
but there is not
what is aware of the thought?
nothing is aware
so where does you come into play?

the eyes of the body see the thoughts
or the mind sees the thoughts
where does theses thoughts come from?
thoughts arise, it's unimportant where they come from
let me see
if there is no you involved in the process of awareness, where does you come into play?
where does I come into play
you is an idea you is a thought
it is all it is
tell me more about it


I always thought that I was made up of the following.... Pablo from costa rica, intelligent nice, clean , funny etc etc but those things that I thought made up the I are experience in thought form
those are conclusions that i took out of interacting with other people
those are conclusions that i took out of interacting with other people
and then
a woman asked me to locate
where the I or YOU is
and that started to break
with the belief system
that i had
or was being had
or was
i lost internet connection for a moment
i feel weird now when i talk to people and say the word I
there is no one writhing this
it s being written though
so what is the self now vs what you thought it was?
well the self now is a concept an idea

go on, man
seriously, rant about it
dude i m new at this i want to rant about it i want to really get this
but it comes slow to me
the self is an idea
it is not real
because i can't find it anywhere
other than
my mind
or the mind
so when i talk to coworkers
its a body talking to another
i am impersonal
"i am impersonal" is a thought

you are right

but what, in real life, caused that thought?
let me think about it
is there any other way to ask that question?
a thought is caused by another thought
so where are you in any of these processes?
oh my god
you are right
i m nowhere
thoughts happen
i don t control them
they just come and g


fucking YES




thoughts come and go
there is no you involved anywhere in the process at all
fuck .. oh why we never knew this
thoughts just happen and i have nothing to do with them...
they come and they go
on its own
so what are you?
tell me about it, just go on a fucking rant
describe it to me
I don't exist
there is no I
it is life living life
and i am no where to be found
so why do i take things personal , if there is no I
how stupid that is
there is no I .. no reason to get offended
no reason to suffer
there is no i
so who suffers
suffering then it s a choice
no reason to be scared


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